Driver Development

In addition to the Annual Experience, FCA Track Events are held by Regions and Chapters throughout the year at major race tracks around North America.

The purpose of an FCA track event is to provide Ferrari owners with an exciting venue to drive their Ferraris at speed, with safety equipment, driver instruction, and in a safe and controlled manner to improve their driving skills.  Participants may be inexperienced drivers, drivers unfamiliar with a given course, or even highly experienced drivers who wish to improve their skills.  Coaching and instruction is tailored to the individual driver’s needs.


Driver development



Download important information about Driver Development Track Events

FCA Track Event Manual  
FCA Technical Inspection Form  

FCA Track Events are opportunities for driver development – not racing schools. For qualified drivers who own historic Ferrari Challenge cars (348/355/360/430) FCA sanctions Historic Challenge Races in conjunction with some FCA Track Events.