2016 Photos

2016 Annual Meet -

Selected images from our trip to Columbus for the 2016 Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet. Tom Valicenti joined me for a wonderful caravan ride from Conti nental Auto Sports to Columbus with a stop in Indianapolis for a look at the Sports Car Vintage Racers Association Invitational. We saw amazing cars, long admired professional drivers, and again some of the nicest people anywhere! Then it was onward to our Club meet in Columbus,, Ohio . Although we had made arrangements to be greeted and then escorted into town by a fellow club member from Ohio, Many thanks! The meet was a wonderful blend of superlative Ferraris and Old and New friends waiting to find each other. The Country Club provided the perfect setting for the Concours d'Elegance. A special tribute to Wane Obry founder of Motion Products was assembled by North Central Region Member Jim Fuchs. Jim assembled an "out of this world" grouping of multi million dollar Ferrari's restored by Wayne and his team. Mid Ohio Sports Car Complex was the location for exciting on track action. I greatly enjoyed tracking at Mid Ohio, but found an equal amount of Joy watching region member Al live out his dream and sharing the trip, meet and track with his daughter, both climbing into the pilots seat for track time. Mike Kelly, the Ohio delegation and all who volunteered their time did an exemplary job putting together a wonder event!

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