2016 Photos

2016 Iowa Pleasure Drive -

The Iowa Chapter held its first run of early fall recently.  We met at Iowa's oldest restaurant, Breitbach's Country Dining in Balltown Iowa and had a wonderful breakfast.  This family owned restaurant is in its 7th generation!  Amazing to say the least!  As this was my inaugural event, I was in awe at meeting former Regional Director Stand Reeg, Chapter president, Paul .Swartzel and his charming wife Mary! I could see the passion in their eyes, and heard the excitement in their voices which foretold of what laid ahead on a gorgeous Iowa Sunday morning. Although the food was great, it now was time to get busy on the road.   With Betty doing the navigating for her husband Stan who was leading the pack, the five finely tuned Italian exotics hit the hilly, rolling and sloping roads of Iowa farm country. As we "moooooved" by grazing cows, and "flew" by a couple of soaring American Eagles, the miles were melting away through the back county roads.  The drive and scenery was leaving us breathless and thankful for taking some time to enjoy a wonderful day. After a fuel stop we sadly parted ways with Avery who was kind enough to grace us with his presence coupled with a nearly three hour drive back home to Wisconsin in his Lamborghini Jarama although not a Ferrari, it is still a joy to have him alongside us. We now found ourselves moving on to our final destination of Veit's Vettes in Bettendorf Iowa with a beautiful 430 leading the way. There was also a very powerful 599 driven by a Secret Agent [just kidding] that we'll name James! (Looking in the cockpit, it makes you wonder what all those buttons really do.) My newly serviced 456 GT ran and sounded great!  I think you will agree there is just something about a Ferrari 12 cylinder musical exhaust note that makes our pulse quicken. With Dan and Elizabeth keeping up nicely with their recently purchased Ferrari 400 I, we racked up some 200 plus miles of Ferrari smiles.   Back in my hometown of Bettendorf and pulling into Veitt's Classic Car lot, there were five other Stallions waiting there for our arrival which was a very cool sight! EJ and his wonderful wife Linda welcomed all of us warmly. Also helping out mom and dad were the 2nd generation for the restoration shop, Carrie and Lindsey. Not to be forgotten is the 3rd generation 9 year old Luke who also happens to be a tennis prodigy! We again thank the Veitt's for their generosity in providing great food and refreshments.  When entertaining a group of car lovers, it's needless to say it was a lot of work for each person involved but definitely worth it. I now know the planning and execution it takes to put on an event.  The appreciation I received from every driver, passerby, and observer makes me look forward to making the Iowa Cruise an annual event.  Be sure to mark your calendar once again when our next event is announced so you too can join in on the fun, meet very interesting members and share the excitement that being custodians of these fine works of Italian art provide!   Grazie to all of those that helped, and Mille Graze to those who participated. Dikran Elgatian Iowa Chapter President Ferrari Club of America 563-505-3532

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